Natural Strategies Investments

Investing in Sustainability

The Fund

Connecting Capital with Conservation

Natural Strategies Investments GmbH (NSI) will establish a Fund to invest in sustainable land use, foodtech and rewilding projects that generate demonstrable financial and ecological returns: The Nature 4 Climate Fund (N4C).

Fund projects will generate assets including high quality and third party certified agricultural, agroforestry and forest products; transformative plant-based food products; and innovative environmental assets such as carbon credits and Payments for Ecosystem Services.

We focus our investments on forest ecosystems with highly concentrated biodiversity in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

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Our target investments create strong financial and ecological benefits. They generate competitive financial returns for investors and communities while at the same time conserving important ecosystems and biodiversity.

By carefully integrating profitability with sustainability, our investments contribute to:

  • Generating sustainable returns on investment

  • Conserving forests, endangered wildlife and biodiversity

  • Sustainably increasing productivity of high quality agriculture and forestry commodities while protecting soils and water

  • Reimagining the way we produce food, shifting from conventional industrial agriculture to transformative sustainable food production with minimal input of water, energy and space 

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping local communities adapt to the impacts of climate change

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