Tropical ecosystems in Latin America are the most biodiverse in the world, and one of the most threatened. The main factor contributing to loss of habitat and biodiversity in these areas is the conversion of forest to agricultural land. A large part of the resulting commodities are then imported into Europe and transformed into food and consumer goods, thereby fueling a lot of the deforestation. This is exacerbated by the enormous loss that European forest ecosystems are suffering themselves due to unsustainable industrial agriculture. The N4C Fund aims to alter the incentive structures and economic drivers at play by redirecting capital and resources from current practices to more sustainable alternatives. This will generate real benefit not only in the short term but allow sustainable land use for future generations.


By pooling capital to direct towards such activities, we will create an alternative finance model. The impact of traditional charity and grant models can drop off significantly once funding is depleted; and mainstream private sector financing models, including conventional lending or private equity, often lack the holistic approach necessary to alter underlying economic and social drivers - and individual investors to fund such commercially viable and holistic projects. We aim to be the bridge between commercial interests and long-term solutions. We connect capital with conservation.


In doing so, we create an asset class that allows direct investment into sustainable development and rewilding of ecosystems. We aim to demonstrate that through carefully structured business models, it is possible to generate real returns: economically and ecologically.

Natural Strategies Investments - Investing in Sustainability

Natural Strategies Investments is the trade name of Natural Strategies S.L.

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